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Moxz Bot


By: Moxz

(terrible name but w/e)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?g8ywy8nfozvhx16



simple timed input of 3 different macros (KEYBOUND TO F10, F11, F12)

while opening/closing pvp pane (H) to keep your BG choice active


This program will run completely in the background and overnight

(though you might want to check in once in a while)

it sends key inputs to processes labeled "World of Warcraft"

expect some conflict when getting on WoW sites.


There is no memory injecting or reading.


If you want to actually play the BGs while the bot runs, you can simply move the F10 macro from it's keybind and just let it queue for you without the worry of forgetting to re-queue or enter an AFK state if you have to step out for a few minutes.


It won't leave a BG when it ends (your character will automatically leave in 2mins)

If you don't want to wait that long, i suggest you get a mod that leaves it for you.



Here are the 3 macros

you have to create these macros and keybind them accordingly

(F10 is easily changed based on your preference)

F10: (this is just an example of your anti-afk macro, you can input whatever you like)



/focus ~CHARNAME~

/stopmacro [target=focus,dead]




/cast [harm] ~SPELL NAME~

/cast ~SPELL NAME~

/cast [nomounted] ~MOUNT NAME~



/script JoinBattlefield(0)

/run RepopMe()



/script AcceptBattlefieldPort(1,1)

/script AcceptBattlefieldPort(2,1);

the program will loop through these 3 macros,

and has a simple GUI with 4 buttons.




stops and closes the program



Forces a queue if you think you missed it, or the bot isn't moving fast enough for you



Pauses the program until you decide to resume



basically enters text to "/afk" it will cause your character to enter the "Away From Keyboard" state, and if you're in a BG you will get deserter, but it's sometimes wise to exit a BG if it will not be worth your time (long AV turtles)


To run you just:

double click the Moxzbot.exe

it sends input directly to World of Warcraft, so it won't do anything unless WoW is open.

In WoW you should open the PVP pane (H)

select the BG you would like to bot in (won't work for WG/TB).

and it will run that BG until you change it or stop the program.


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